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Ramada Residences Costa Adeje is a resort that champions sustainability. We are dedicated to implementing eco-friendly initiatives to safeguard the planet while elevating guest experiences.

Entrance to Reception at Ramada Residences Costa Adeje
Hotel chambermaid placing toiletries in hotel bathroom


The resort boasts tropical landscaping, carefully cultivated with drought-resistant plants, and prioritising native species while steering clear of invasive varieties. Throughout the resort, water efficiency is paramount, evident in our taps, showers, and toilets. Guests enjoy options for towel reuse and room cleaning preferences while eco-friendly cleaning products and toiletries ensure a minimal environmental footprint. Our sourcing of seafood respects oceanic ecosystems.

Discover the steps we’re taking to reduce the environmental impact.



Communicating our green practices to our guests and engaging them in our journey is central to making a difference. We offer excursions that engage with the natural landscapes around our resort and forge connections with local communities and the area’s culture.

Housekeeping staff delivering fresh towels to hotel rooms


Within our resort portfolio, we empower our staff to prioritise sustainability and social responsibility. We encourage and actively support their green initiatives, as well as individual efforts in volunteering and charitable activities.

Lush green forest with sun light shimmering through the branches and leaves


This resort is one of seven Wyndham or Ramada branded properties in our portfolio that are aligned with the esteemed Wyndham Green Programme. This forward-thinking initiative champions environmental stewardship by guiding hotels and resorts on a path to sustainability.

Wyndham Green Essential level 1 logo


As a Ramada branded resort, we have proudly achieved Wyndham Green certification. The process has five progressive levels, which consider elements like energy and water conservation, waste diversion and operational efficiency along with guest and employee education and engagement.

Group of people on holiday via Dreams Come true holiday initiative


Kind Holidays is founded on a simple, yet profound belief: everyone deserves a break. Our mission is to shine a light into the lives of individuals and families facing life’s harshest challenges by providing free holiday accommodation at our IDILIQ resorts in Europe and Florida.

For countless people, holidays are a taken-for-granted pleasure. However, for those caring for a loved one with a severe illness or disability, mourning a child, serving as an unpaid carer, or adjusting to post-military deployment, a holiday represents a distant dream. These breaks offer not just relaxation, but critical respite and rejuvenation, often acting as a lifeline in their challenging circumstances.

Kind Holidays has gifted over a thousand free holiday stays, thanks to partnerships with charities like Dreams Come True, Give Us Time, When You Wish Upon A Star, and Carers Trust. Together, we have extended the warmth of hospitality to some of the most grateful guests our resorts have ever had the pleasure of welcoming.

As pioneers of this charitable initiative, we also invite the wider hospitality sector to join us in this journey.

Fundacion IDILIQ 25th Anniversary banner
Fundacion IDILIQ presenting a cheque to charity in Spain


Founded in 1999, the IDILIQ Foundation has pursued its mission to provide support to communities and individuals across the Costa del Sol and Tenerife. This dedication is fuelled by generous donations and contributions from our partners, guests, and employees. Over the years, we have forged a strong commitment to societal welfare, actively collaborating with various stakeholders to tackle contemporary social challenges.

The Foundation prides itself on fostering significant relationships with organisations, associations, and those in need within these regions, continuously addressing their evolving social requirements.

Our efforts extend beyond just financial assistance; we actively engage in collecting food, furniture, clothing, and other essential items, along with donating computer equipment to enhance the quality of life for various groups. In addition, we provide financial aid directly to entities and individuals to meet their pressing needs. Through these initiatives, the IDILIQ Foundation remains a pillar of support, embodying the spirit of solidarity within the Costa del Sol and Tenerife communities.